Enterprising space – contagious creativity and guts to thrive

We open enterprising space for individuals, teams and organizations.

Enterprising Space enables:

  • Lively spaces
  • Fresh perspectives and new ideas
  • Courage to do things differently
  • Creative energy and agile minds
  • Innovative solutions, products and services

The Inner Child

Creativity is not a special gift of a view. Creativity is something that can be re-learned as we were all creative and adventurous as children.

Children are full of ideas and have a natural capacity for interacting playfully with the world around them. We firmly believe that these same qualities remain present in all of us.

Enterprising Space connects us with our very own source of creativity and vitality: the inner child.

Four modules to reconnect with enterprising space within us, between us and around us.

Enterprising Space Discovery

An introductory keynote lecture to discover the creative space within us, between us and around us.

Interaction and experiential exercises produce a high level of energy.

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  • Target group – all employees
  • Interactive keynote lecture for up to 100 participants
  • 1 – 2 hours

Creating Enterprising Space

Tools and skills for daily use enabling front line managers to create an enterprising environment in their unit.

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  • Target group – team leaders, frontline managers and facilitators
  • Up to 32 participants
  • 2 days

Leading Enterprising Space

Leaders discover creative freedom for themselves and recognize their role and scope to establish an enterprising culture in their organization.

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  • Target group: directors and executive officers
  • up to 12 participants
  • 1 -2 days

Applied Enterprising Space

In this tailored approach, WE APPLY the entire process of enterprising space to a defined business challenge.
The aim is to produce concrete and validated project proposals at the end.

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  • Nominated, diverse and cross functional team
  • 5 creative mornings or 2 – 2,5 days
  • 10- 60 participants
  • Train The Trainer Option

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