Willem Stortelder – Intenrational Trainer and Keynote Speaker

If you need some wind for your sailboat

If you need more creativity on board to meet competition. If you have plans but feel blocked. If your team has to move but doesn’t. If your industry is changing dramatically and you try to keep up. If your event needs a boost. If your people should become less risk averse. If you want to establish an open culture. If you like your people to bloom at their job.

This is where Willem Stortelder can help you with a keynote, workshop, or training. Or by coaching, teaching, moderating and consulting. He is an Expert in creative thinking, Master in meeting-and-process design, Storyteller, Errorist, Caretaker of the inner child, Paradigm shifter and Co-founder of 21 Lobsterstreet.

Willem empowers creativity, innovation and change through real-life meetings for individuals, teams or in large groups. He relies on his instincts as a storyteller, his playful inner child and on a broad palette of expertise and experiences. Willem wants to help create an environment where people feel both free and connected, where they get wind for their sailboat.

He is a creative catalyst. His enthusiasm, humour and creative capabilities are always evident in his keynotes, training and facilitation sessions – all of them highly interactive and ever-changing.

Education: Training and Padagogic
Languages: Dutch, English or German
Experience: > 30 nationalities also Middle East, large grouos, across many industries

Here is the English version of the certificate of the inner child, to awaken yours:


This certificate gives you the right to:

Walk in the rain,

Jump into mud puddles,

Collect rainbows,

Smell flowers,

Make bubbles,

Change your mind,

To build sand castles,

Build castles in the air,

Admire the moon and the stars,

Say ‘hello’ to everyone in the street,

To sing in the bathroom,

To read children’s books,

To act crazy,

To dance with grandma,

To buy new sneakers,

To walk hand-in-hand,

To hug and kiss,

To laugh and cry at the same time

To pretend you are asleep,

To feel weird,

To make a hundred mistakes,

To say ‘sorry’,

To be stupid,

To think something is stupid,

To skip all words beginning with ‘P’,

To see things differently,

To speak with animals,

Look at the sky and the clouds,

To find things scary,

To dare,

To take a little nap,

To do nothing,

To keep a secret,

To read a book under the blankets with a torch,

To be glad to have a body,

To make new rules,

To tell crazy stories,

To save the world,

To make friends,

To forget your name or come up with a new one,

To order the biggest ice-cream,

And to pretent that you are the inventor of this poem.

It is never to late to be a happy child.

If you want to go fast, go alone – If you want to go far, go together.