Intercultural  &  Virtual Teams

Intercultural cooperation, remote and virtual teams and speed for complex organisations more...

Teaming Online

Online Workshop - Creating alignment, belonging and synergy based on complementary teamroles more...

ROI Teambuilding

Teamworkshop - In 90 days >300% ROI guaranteed Aligning hearts and rational minds more...

Belbin Teamroles

Building complementary teams, understanding team roles strengths and potential conflicts more...

  • We improve remote and intercultural cooperation and we speed up complex matrix organizations and networks.
  • We accelerate your team and organisation with ROI teambuilding >300 ROI.
  • We complement your team with the Belbin team roles asessment.
  • We develop new teams as well as solving conflicts and problems in existing teams with a tailored approach.
  • We enrich conferences and meetings with interactive fun events, and space for creativity.

Online Training,Team Constellations, Outdoor Experiences, Belbin & SDI, Creative Fun


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