Mahagoni Meets Management

Short overview
First of all this interactive training event enables the participants to construct hand- and team-made individual and melodious instruments of high quality named “Cajóns” (boxes). Quick and easy instructions on how to play the instruments and to produce impressing sounds will lead to a profound performance of musical cooperation.


  • multidimensional activation (touching – understanding – moving)
  • participation in a successful project
  • experiencing positive effectiveness
  • stimulating the readiness to change something
  • strengthening the ability to communicate
  • enjoying creative energy and having much fun

The facilitator and musician Tobias Mrzyk accompanies your team during the whole project and helps the group to find and develop their very individual sound track on their handmade Cajóns.
By being successful as a band the doubts of the beginning will give way to a pride of having achieved a goal together. Thus the event will become a lasting emotional experience.

The Quick Assembly Kit for the Cajóns consists of selected high-quality types of wood processed in Germany. The striking surfaces made of unique precious wood species do not only create impressing visual effects but also perfect sounds with various nuances. Branded individually, the instruments will become extraordinary give-aways.

About 3 hours, which can be divided into 5 units of 20 minutes

Size of group
6-60 participants

Event location
The room should be without any carpets. Acoustic effects on the surrounding areas must be considered.

German or English

Tobias Mrzyk (M. Ed.)
Examinierter Musikpädagoge
Dipl. Berufspädagoge

Matthias-Grünewald-Ring 69, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany
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