Motivating and influencing people in a matrix organization

In this seminar you will learn to improve your business network. It will look into the principles of influencing and motivating people in situations where you have little or no hierarchical authority.


  • to develop an influence strategy and style that is effective in matrix organizations
  • to analyze your existing networks and learn how to improve them
  • to provide opportunities for practice and coaching
  • to understand personal strength and motivational factors with the Strength Deployment Inventory Test and practice how to use this tool for influencing others
  • to manage competing priorities and conflict situations

Duration: 2 days

Other requirements
Participants should already have some exposure to working in a matrix organization including many cultures

Target Group
Managers having to be effective in a matrix structure where they may have little or no hierarchical authority. People who regularly travel to other countries or locations on training,. business or manage a network of business relationships. Highly recommended for segment managers, global account and key account managers as well as project managers.

Language: English or German

The program is highly interactive and practical. Participants are given several opportunities to practice and receive feedback on where and how to improve their style of influencing. Profiling tools are used to provide further personal insights.
Case studies and simulations are based around 'live' or 'lifelike' examples wherever possible.

Number of participants: 6 – 14


Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer

This workshop has been developed by Global Integration for whom Peter Gündling works as a licensed associate.

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