ROI Teambuilding – With accelerated learning we align hearts and rational minds …


ROI teambuilders are the experts in enabling your leaders and workforce to measure and deliver tangible results within 90 days.

We align your company strategy and culture with proven tools, practices and behaviors.


Together, we will identify which issues require the most urgent attention and where we can deliver the biggest impact, typically:

  • generating better sales results
  • more donors for NGO's
  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • saving time, less time wasted in meetings
  • delivering more cost effectively
  • reducing internal friction and frustration
  • delivering better quality outputs
  • motivating people
  • improving the business through innovation
  • mitigating hidden risk

… leading to >300% Return Of Investment in this training, 90 days after the workshop.


Accelerated learning – we deliver results fast with our proven approach to learning, based on science, experience and success stories.

In each module new tools, practices and behaviors are first applied as part of a fun business simulation. Their application results in a team's success, thereby anchoring the positive change, permanently.

The success and changes from the first day is immediately carried into day two, except that this is now for real, on real work. Our facilitation ensures the adoption and usage of the new tools, practices and behaviors.

Module 1: High Impact Team, seize opportunities & create belief
Module 2: X-Functional Excellence, dissolve silos & broaden perspectives
Module 3: Brilliant Meetings, deliver on commitments & establish trust

ROI teambuilding can be offered online or onsite, both is possible.

Performant Module

Number of participants
Our programs are designed for 10s to 100s, engaging everyone in the organization.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 days per module

Languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish or Russian


The training has been designed by Performant Group and Global Teambuilder works in cooperation, focusing on the German speaking market.


  • Clement Cohen – Senior Trainer and CEO Performant Group
  • Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer and Associate of Performant Group

Mobile +49 172 664 0637,

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