Belbin Teamroles Assessment

Belbin Teamroles

What is it?

The Belbin Team Inventory is a personality test used by organizations since 1981 to boost team performance.By understanding your individual team roles, your team can assess how effectively you are likely to work together, and identify gaps and overlaps in the team role distribution which can have an impact on your success. Belbin team types will help you to reduce the need for external motivation by selecting people who will perform tasks naturally.


The Belbin team role classification supports you in finding the ideal split of roles in teams, as it emphasizes the natural behavior of individuals as it considers the extrinsic motivation of the team member as secondary. The Belbin Team Role Inventory is a personality test that has been used by many organizations to increase team performance since 1981. Dr. Meredith Belbin studied teamwork over many years of research and observed that the most successful teams are composed of a mixture of different personality types with a range of different behaviors. These different behaviors are known as “team roles” and can be grouped into nine different forms.

What are the the nine Belbin team roles?

Has inside knowledge of the opposition and makes sure the team's idea gets out there.

Helps the team come together by encouraging the right use of their strengths to be successfully at work. Pay attention to a good team climate.

Acts as a decision maker, coordinates the team and ensures that goals are achieved. Can delegate team tasks according to competencies.

Tends to be very creative and solve problems in unconventional ways.

Analyzes options for their feasibility. Weighs team options while remaining impartial and objective.

Provides the team with technical and expert knowledge.

Encourages and drives the team and ensures that focus in the team is not lost.

Ensures that ideas and plans are put into practice. Ensures efficient and strategy-oriented working methods in the team.

Most effective at the end of a team project, as he/she ensures high quality standards. Finishes the job in all detail.

Where do Belbin team roles add value?

  • Performing a “team health check”
  • Building and strengthening team performance
  • Enabling individual development for team members
  • Improving work relationships
  • Understanding, reducing and resolving conflict within teams
  • Recruiting the right candidate for the job or missing team role
  • Managing and leading teams and projects

Major avantages

  • Improved Team effectiveness
  • Increased effectiveness of individulas
  • Easy Implementation, online or onsite facilitation
  • Low cost, high value

How does it work?

Step 1: You start by completing the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory.

Step 2: You have the option to ask other people who work with you to complete an Observer Assessment.

Step 3: You learn which of the 9 Belbin team roles you have an affinity towards, and which ones you don’t.

Step 4: If your team is completing the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory together, you can produce a team report.

Step 5: You’ll work with an experienced trainer to reflect on your results, and consider the next step

Bekbin zertifiziert

Numer of participants: 1 – 15

Duration: 0,5 -1 Tag

Languages: German or English

Belbin certified Trainer/Facilitator
Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer


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