Karate – “Breaking Limits”

The participants explore the challenge of breaking a wooden board with their fist. on three different levels: cognitive, emotional and on a body level. Is my fist strong enough? How is it to hit the board? Is it painful? The whole team is watching! What if I fail? Will they really support me? A personal experience is not replaceable by anything, especially if you master a big challenge.

On the meta-perspective level we ask them to let go an old unhealthy behaviours. We ask them to focus on a new healthy behaviour while breaking the wood with their fist.

Objectives: *Experience individuality and community

  • Develop trust and transparency in teams
  • Master personal challenges
  • Experience team support
  • Learning how to handle set backs
  • Integrate new behaviours in your life


  • Introduction in Karate-Techniques “Fist strike“ (with & without partner)
  • Explain the exercise „Breaking limits“ safety and technique
  • Run the exercise“
  • Which old patterns do I want to break and leave behind me? Which potential do I want to release and develop?“
  • Team-support: The team supports the participant during the exercise, a growing “We-Feeling” builds up in the room with every broken board.
  • Feedback: Observations of the team members and individual experiences on “We Feeling and individual learnings

Number of participants
6-25 per session; for large groups we can plan sessions in parallel

about 2-3 Std. (depending on the group size)

German and English

Trainer: Anette B. Christl, MA Karate World-Champion

If you want to go fast, go alone – If you want to go far, go together.