“During one hour of play you may know a person better as in a conversation over a year.” Plato

Taskivity is connecting participants in a playful way. It creates bonding and a feeling of belong in large groups.
Participants will also visualize the relationships of their real projects or organizational structure.


  • understanding effective networking principles
  • getting to know many others in a better way
  • develop a creativity culture
  • fun and team spirit


Phase 1: Networking Quiz – Assessing the biggest network and understanding the principles of effective networking
Phase 2: Networking Casino – getting to know others in a casino full of games in a structured way
Phase 3: Networking Domino – visualizes project or organizational relationships and inter-dependences
Phase 4: Reflection and business link

A concrete timeline also challenges them in their time management skills. At the end presentations of their real networks or project organizations create a better common understanding.

ca. 2-3 hours up to one full day

Number of participants: 10 – 100

A flat area with around 100 – 300 square meters.

Language: German or English

Trainer/Facilitator ideally for every 25 participants 1 Trainer

Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer
Michael Keim, Trainer and Gamification Specialist

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If you want to go fast, go alone – If you want to go far, go together.