Team-events and large group events

In co-creation with professional partners we offer memorable events with lots of fun and business transfer.

Soap Box Racing

Networking with others in a playful way by designing, assembling and racing soap boxes. Individual strengths of team members will be highlighted and the winning team will be rewarded.

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Flying Flag

In this experiential outdoor event participants need to solve challenging assignments to earn points for acquiring the flag pole material. This hands on team experience addresses creative problem solving, leadership, planning, cooperation and leadership.

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Drumming & Percussion Event

In a joyful and easy way even beginners learn how to play the drums and percussion instruments. Participants will experience a strong sense of belonging and being part of a synergistic orchestra.

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Business Theatre

Business theater is an interactive communication format for large group events and training workshops. An unique communication platform which is characterized by a solution-oriented dialogue and best practice sharing for day to day business challenges. For example sales price negotiations.

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Reducing Risk Aversion And Smart Risk Taking

In this highly interactive program we will not ask you to walk on broken glass, we will more reflect if you are too cautious at work sometimes. We also take you on a journey on three levels to think – feel – and trust smart risk taking.

This program fosters also the creation of an innovative climate in your company by shifting the “Yes but” culture to a “yes and” culture, where idea killers are seen as a critical thread for innovation.

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Mahagoni Meets Management

First of all this interactive training event enables the participants to construct hand- and team-made individual and melodious instruments of high quality named “Cajóns” (boxes). Quick and easy instructions on how to play the instruments and to produce impressing sounds will lead to a profound performance of musical cooperation.

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Karate – “Breaking Limits”

The participants explore the challenge of breaking a wooden board with their fist. on three different levels: cognitive, emotional and on a body level.
Is my fist strong enough? How is it to hit the board? Is it painful? The whole team is watching! What if I fail? Will they really support me? A personal experience is not replaceable by anything, especially if you master a big challenge.

On the meta-perspective level we ask them to let go an old unhealthy behaviours. We ask them to focus on a new healthy behaviour while breaking the wood with their fist.

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If you want to go fast, go alone – If you want to go far, go together.