Working in remote and virtual teams

This program is designed to develop the skills necessary to manage international teams which are separated by distance, culture, time and technology. It also investigates what is
different about managing these teams in the areas of building relationships, clarifying goals, managing performance issues, communication and teamwork.


  • Faster teams and project kick offs
  • Improved local delegation and empowerment
  • Reduced travelling, lower cost and saved time
  • Improved communication through technology
  • More effective and shorter meetings
    - Improved team and project kick-off

Duration: 2 days

Other requirements
Participants should ideally already have some exposure to a remote working situation.

Target Group
Mangers or members of a remote or virtual team.
You can maximize the effect of the training attending together with your remote team.

Language: English or German

The seminar will be conducted through a mix of presentations,
experiential learning exercises and work related case studies.
The key learning’s will be applied during an outdoor remote
teams exercise

Number of participants: Max 16.


Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer

This workshop has been developed by Global Integration for whom Peter Gündling works as a licensed associate.

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