Flying Flag


In this experiential outdoor event participants need to solve challenging assignments to earn points for acquiring material to build a flag pole. This hands on team experience adresses creative problem solving, leadership, planning, cooperation and leadership.


  • Team spirit and trust
  • Creative problem solving
  • Cooperation vs. competition
  • Experience team dynamic and team effectiveness
  • Roles and responsibilities based on individual strengths
  • Basic project management and leadership skills
  • Fun


Phase 1: Building diverse teams
Phase 2: Solving assignments
Phase 3: Buying flag pole material
Phase 4: Designing the flag pole and flags per team
Phase 5: Flying the flag with an official ceremony

Team dynamics, roles and individual strengths,
cooperation vs. competition

3-6 Hours

Number or participants: 6 – 60

Outdoor or indoor area with around 100 – 400 square meters

Language: German or English

Trainer/Facilitator for every 20 participants one trainer

Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer
Hilmar Omert, Senior International Trainer

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