One of the key success factors in the global environment is active and effective networking. Participants will visualize and analyze the relationships of their real projects or organizational structure. The Networking-Day is also connecting participants in a playful way.
It creates bonding and a feeling of belonging in large groups.


  • getting to know many others in a better way
  • understanding effective networking principles
  • analyze and improve professional networks
  • better understanding of complex organizations or project structures
  • develop a creativity culture
  • fun and team spirit


Phase 1: Networking Quiz – Assessing the biggest network and understanding the principles of effective networking
Phase 2: Networking Casino – getting to know others in a casino full of games in a structured way
Phase 3: Networking Domino – visualizes project or organizational relationships and inter-dependences
Phase 4: Reflection and business link – analyzing and improving professional networks

A concrete timeline during the game phases also challenges them in their time management skills. A presentation of their real networks or project organisations is highly recommended in the end for a common understanding.

Duration: 4 – 8 hours

Number of participants: 5 – 50

A flat area with around 100 – 300 square meters

Language: German or English

Trainer/Facilitator ideally for every 25 participants 1 Trainer

Peter Gündling, Senior International Trainer
Michael Keim, Trainer and Gamification Specialist

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